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    Group shows 2015: Ons 6

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    As part of the 2015 Stellenbosch University Woordfees, a group of jewellers from the Boland region of the Greater Cape Town area grouped together to showcase their latest jewellery creations under the title Ons Ses (Us Six) at the Lilly Friedlaender Gallery in Stellenbosch.

    The work was on show for 10 days and drew many, many local and international visitors – all marvelling at the variety of styles and the high degree of craftsmanship present.


    Ons Ses - Exhibition poster

    Ons Ses – Exhibition poster


    Ons Ses - The artists. (c) Ons Ses. 2015.

    Ons Ses – The artists. From left to right – back: Carine Terreblanche, Erica Du Plessis, Lilly Friedlaender, Angela Tölken. From left to right – front: Hestelle Mare, Juria Le Roux. (c) Ons Ses. 2015.


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