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    Angela joins goldsmith collective

    Posted by Angela & filed under News-Blog.

    I am very excited and happy to announce that I was invited to join the Cape Town based Fine Ounce Goldsmiths’ Collective in May this year.

    The collective includes 8 independent jewellers, and has been operating since late 2011. As a group, Fine Ounce seeks to promote the art of handmade contemporary jewellery. The strength of the group lies in the combined skill, creative energy and diverse areas of specialisation of each individual jeweller. Fine Ounce seeks to raise awareness of the multi-faceted process of designing, creating and manufacturing unique jewellery, and to elevate the status of individually hand-crafted pieces over mass produced goods (http://www.fineouncegoldsmithcollective.blogspot.com/).

    Every week, one of the members publishes a short text on the group’s blog. The blog aims to introduce and familiarize readers with the wide and diverging aspects of the creative process, as well as allow them to glean a glimpse into the artist jewellers’ thinking and source of inspiration.

    The collective held a very successful travelling exhibition of 56 rings in 2011, and is currently busy finalizing a 2nd series of exhibitions in and around the Cape Metropole.

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