• At the coal face. 2012. Ring. Non-tarnish silver, cold enamel

    Breath of fire

    Posted by Angela & filed under News-Blog.

    In preparation for a new series of group exhibitions, Fine Ounce has decided on “Breath of Fire” as a theme. Apart from the many diverging colours, sensations and emotions evoked by the phrase, I realized that fire is a fundamental part of the creation process of jewellery. In creating a piece, I use fire in the form of various gas torches to melt, anneal and solder my metals – in each case engaging in a process where fire is key, but leaves to visible traces (apart from very thin, very neat solder seams).

    I thus decided that it will be very interesting to try and incorporate fire more directly into some of my pieces for the “Breath of Fire” series. I will try and utilize fire so as to leave direct, very visible traces – exchanging careful control of a process for the serendipities of the unexpected. 

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