• Breath of fire

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    In preparation for a new series of group exhibitions, Fine Ounce has decided on “Breath of Fire” as a theme. Apart from the many diverging colours, sensations and emotions evoked by the phrase, I realized that fire is a fundamental part of the creation process of jewellery. In creating a piece, I use fire in the form of various gas torches to melt, anneal and solder my metals – in each case engaging in a process where fire is key, but leaves to visible traces (apart from very thin, very neat solder seams).

    I thus decided that it will be very interesting to try and incorporate fire more directly into some of my pieces for the “Breath of Fire” series. I will try and utilize fire so as to leave direct, very visible traces – exchanging careful control of a process for the serendipities of the unexpected. 

    Colours & contrasts, textures & detail

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    I find enormous joy in closely observing fine details – marvelling at textures, compositions, patterns and inherent systems. Usually I feel compelled to touch them, trying to take them in with all of my senses.

    These instances of noting the inherent beauty in something always constitute moments of wonder and surprise, moments I consider to be ‘soul food’.


    Photos: Angela & Mathias Tölken