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    My work in general

    My work reveals my fascination with colour, texture, pattern, rhythm, movement, contrasts, systems and nature. There tends to be a finely balanced tension between the organic and the geometrical, the confined and the open-ended, the serious and the light-hearted, the intellectual and the emotional.

    More often than not, my work can be read on different levels and there is generally more than meets the unquestioning eye. The tensions, the complex amalgamation of various apparent opposites and the onion-like layering are definite attributes of my personality. My work inevitably acts as a mirror of my Self and I increasingly understand my jewellery as auto-biographical self-representations in three dimensions.

    My personal style inevitably includes the use of strong, clear and simple lines, fine detail, colour, contrast and repetition. Labour-intensive processes usually constitute the bulk of my visual vocabulary and the structure of my creative practice is meticulous, deliberate (if not choreographed) and incremental to the point of “coralline accretion”.

    Being involved in the entire process of designing, conceptualizing, testing and then making a piece is a highly fulfilling, albeit at times distressing, experience. I design and produce my pieces myself and only create a piece once. All works are manufactured entirely by hand, usually over a period of several days or even weeks. My pieces, if not the work processes themselves, definitively reveal my obsessiveness as well as my firm belief in immaculate craftsmanship.

    My philosophy around and my approach to my work, but also the pieces themselves tend to resist notions of instant gratification, consumerism, brand movements, mass production and status. The notion of time invested and the often imperceptible value inscribed by it is of special significance in my work.

    Due to my style, philosophy and approach, my creations are not conventional pieces of jewellery – they are wearable works of art.

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