Us 16 - # 15. 2015.
Us 16 – A short outline of the key ideas behind the ‘Us 16′ body of work

Us 16

The body of work around Us 16 centres on the notion of community. Within any community such as a family, circle of… Read More

Appearances are deceptive II: I am not aloof. 2013. Pendant on silk thread. Non-tarnish silver, enamel paint, Lapis Lazuli beads, hidden Garnet beads
The words we use become the homes we live in – Artist’s statement pertaining to the series Between the Lines

As an avid reader and a keen, yet critical listener I have for quite some time been aware that words and phrases have an… Read More

Moments of carefree happiness. Photos: (c) Mathias & Angela Tölken
Maintaining the well, or: when water levels are low

Some years ago I thoroughly engaged with Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way (Pan Books: 1993), a stimulating work book for introspective creatives. One of… Read More

The relation between art jewellery, culture and commercial jewellery
Value as currency, or the currency of value

As an artist- or author jeweller and part-time academic I am very interested in the complex notions of value within the field of contemporary… Read More

An investigation of roundness: Artist’s statement pertaining to the Breath of Fire series

Since the Fine Ounce Goldsmith Collective will launch its 2012/13 exhibition series (entitled Breath of Fire) with the first show at Merchants on Long Read More

Blog 2 - Being German image 1 res
The conundrum of being German

A while back one of my fellow Fine Ounce Collective members wrote an amusing piece about her (as she termed them) “well-organized, calm and… Read More

Blog image - Kim Buck
A universal validity of jewellery?

One of the most important international events pertaining to contemporary jewellery is Schmuck, an annual, specially curated show coinciding with the International Trade Fair… Read More

AnGela. Ring. 2012. Non-tarnish silver, clay, varnish.
Jewellery as reflection

Being a rather academically and philosophically inclined person, I enjoy reading all kinds of written material on contemporary jewellery to engage… Read More

Happy Days. 2009.
Self [reflection] [representation] [expansion] – Artist’s statement

The complex process of expressing myself creatively is an intensely personal one and my works are strongly auto-biographical, albeit from hindsight. My jewellery inevitably… Read More

Reflections of Self: Jewellery and chains of meaning. An independent essay accompanying the solo show ‘Self’.

We perceive the world in terms of language – indeed the entire process through which we make sense of experience, emotion and objects, are… Read More