• Philosophy behind my work

    In my work I concern myself with self-representation, identity and value, usually from an intra-personal perspective. Central to my explorations are questions such as: How do I shape and represent my identity by what I do, think and believe, and what forms of value can be attributed to both the process and the outcome?

    Throughout my entire creative practice it is important for me to engage in activities that resonate with me: Everything I do ‘has to be me’. I am careful to invest my time in a fulfilling and rewarding way, thereby inscribing every jewellery piece with a substantial amount of often imperceptible value whilst simultaneously revealing and changing my Self through it.

    Since value and (Self)fulfilment are central elements to my philosophy, I usually find myself utilizing repetition (be it formally or technically) and labour-intensive processes as corner stones for my creative work. Both these key elements have a meditative effect on me and often allow me to distill hitherto unnoticed facets of my Self.