• The photos below provide a glimpse into the creation process of my earlier weaving pieces, whilst at the same time giving a good indication of the key tasks generally involved in making jewellery by hand.

    Production 1   Production 2   Production 3   Production 4
    Raw material in the form of silver granules.   Silver after being cast into an ingot for plate.   Cast silver has been pickled to remove oxidization.   Silver bar is rolled into plate.
    Production 5   Production 6   Production 7   Production 8
    Silver bar is rolled into plate.   A circle is marked out with a pair of dividers.   The circle is cut from the plate by hand.   Silver dust from sawing.
    Production 9   Production 10   Production 11   Production 12
    Silver circles with their excess material.   Circles are annealed in preparation for shaping them.   Holes are drilled into the now domed silver shape   Emery paper disks are cut for working off the shape
    Production 13   Production 14   Production 15   Production 16
    Silver has been cast into a narrow bar.   The narrow bar is milled into square rod by hand.   Square rod is hand-drawn into round wire.   The end of a round wire protrudes from a drawing plate.
    Production 17   Production 18   Production 19   Production 20
    Drawn wire with its typical springy tension.   Drawn wire neatly coiled up for annealing.   Wire coils after being cleaned in the pickle.   Wire has been hand-cut into evenly sized pieces.
    Production 21   Production 22        
    Both ends of each wire piece are flattened on an anvil.   Wire pieces are bend into a u-shape, ready for weaving.        
                Photos: AnGela, 2006/7